The LBD or Petit Robe Noir: The Fashionable Dress of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Translation by Sarah E. Dickinson

What garment has gone untouched for decades and that all the designers of the world, and of all eras, have interpreted and adapted to their historical period?

Nothing has more presence in a woman’s wardrobe like the LBD (Little Black Dress) or petit robe noir, as the French say.


chanel vogue 1926 lbd

Since the distant year of 1926, when Vogue published the image of a piece designed by the young Coco Chanel, the LBD has yet to lose its protagonism in the collections of many designers. From Dior to Balenciaga, to the more classic YSL and the more experimental underground di Stephen Sprouse of the ’70s.

Its great success has undoubtedly been influenced by the popularity of this garment amongst various style icons.

Who could forget the LBD that Hubert de Givenchy designed for the stylish Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany?


Many famous women of the past have used the celebrated LBD. Actresses of caliber like Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe or the first ladies Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama. In different styles, but always with the goal of taking full advantage of the characteristics of the body wearing it.

marilyn_monroe_little_black_dress_petite_robe_noir_tubino_nero jacqueline_bouvier_little_black_dress_petite_robe_noir_tubino_nero elizabeth_taylor_little_black_dress_petite_robe_noir_tubino_nero

Undoubtedly the greatest fan of the LBD is Kate Moss, who uses it as a basic staple to combine according to the occasion, fashion and mood.

kate moss lbdkate moss little black dress

Today it is a garment that has multiple uses. Often celebrities give us key varying interpretations; from the most casual, for the everyday, to the most elegant and sophisticated.

Michelle Obama Badem Badem

New inspirations :

  • Wear your LBD with trainers to be daring or with flat sandals for a relaxed daytime look.
  • Why not wear it with a denim or leather jacket? You’ll get a much younger look!
  • Use a large bag, the kind you typically carry for a super-charged work day. Or a clutch for a look more adaptable for evening.
  • Vary your accessories. The result will be a distinct look every time.

Without a doubt, the LBD is the garment with the most personality of all and adapts to different shapes, lines and bodies of whomever chooses to wear it.

If you have yet to acquire your LBD, start shopping! Your wardrobe will be happy this new addition….


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