Marídame: The New Location for Gourmet Food and Wine Pairing in Barcelona

Translation by Sarah E. Dickinson

Under the name Marídame, a new location dedicating to gourmet food maridaje (or pairing) has just opened in Barcelona. The shop is located at the beginning of the Carrer de Santaló and offers the option of trying its original creations in house, or to take home.
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Marídame is a gourmet dining space that features maridaje, whose proposals are intended to supply select food products in the company of varying wines. The selection is also available on its virtual storefront OneGoShop ..

In addition, Marídame also offers advice and detailed information on topics related to wines and food maridaje, as well as a space to hold courses, workshops and events related to the world of wine.

This project by Leonardo González, has the certified sommelier Francesc Ortiz as its Store Manager who always present on site to unveil the secrets of wine and its combinations thereof.

MARIDAME_BarcelonaOct13 (9)productos gourmetgourmet productosquesos tienda maridamevinos copas maridaje

The shop has three areas: the Store Area, the Tasting Area and the Experiences Area. In the Store Area there are more than 200 items in its selection of wine, beer and selected spirits, oils, vinegars, cheeses, hams, sausages, preserves, foie gras and gourmet products of the highest quality.

The Tasting Area composes the central part of the store, and is where you can experience maridaje, the focus of the shop, which consists of tasting all kinds of combinations, from the more traditional to the more surprising.

MARIDAME_BarcelonaOct13 (5)

The Experiences Area is the place reserved for courses, tastings and all other types of custom activities related to the maridaje.

If you have a passion for wine, or are simply curious to know more and try new combinations, Marídame is located at Carrer de Santaló nº1 (on the corner of Travessera of Gràcia) in Barcelona.


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