Loungewear That Makes You Feel Stylish and Comfortable

One of the nicer aspects of working from home is that you can stick with elastic waists and flowing fabrics that are always comfy. However, we all want our casual wear to avoid feeling sloppy or untidy. The world of loungewear is opening up, and thanks to online vendors like Dressbarn, you can always find great pieces that will be comfy and stylish.

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Sweats with Style

If you like a soft trouser with an elastic waist but want to avoid anything too snug if you need to go out, consider an open bottom sweatpant that will both look more like pants and keep you warm. Many shoppers, male and female, find a better selection on open-bottom sweats in the men’s department.

A Dressy Jacket

No matter what you have on underneath, a long hoodie or sweater can make it easy to dress up and over your casual wear. As many a womens loungewear set is based on separates that include a black or gray bottom, a Duster Hoodie will keep away the chill and look terrific on your next grocery shop or coffee run.

Yoga Pants for the Day

There’s nothing wrong with spending your day in yoga pants. These trim trousers make it easy to stretch, move around, go for a walk, or sit in your desk chair and get some work done. Keep an eye on the waist detailing; what works for your yoga class may feel too low for daywear. Many who enjoy these pants for the whole day like a flared leg for day wear and a snugger pair for their yoga class workout.

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Long Tee/Short Dress

No matter what you wear on the bottom, many of us aren’t crazy about wearing snug clothes on the bottom without a longer top to cover. If you prefer a bit more privacy, consider a lounge dress to give you both cover and style. This short, pretty little dress can work for sleeping, running around bare-legged, or as a cover over leggings or athletic tights.

Invest in a Few Tanks

Having a cozy tank to slip into means that you can cover or not, and nearly all cotton tanks from Old Navy will stand the test of time. This tank is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors to expand any loungewear wardrobe and will make your layering options easy.

Turning Separates into Sets

There are some gorgeous color block tops and bottoms from Dressbarn that can easily turn into a favorite go-to outfit. Take care when laundering these products; the fabrics that work on top may not be sturdy enough for bottom construction. Follow all laundering instructions to avoid any fading that will impact the color intensity of this fun outfit.

Working from home is still working, and wearing an outfit that you love will make you excited to face your day. Invest in quality loungewear that will stand the test of time and that you can enjoy any day of the week, no matter where your work gets done!

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