dafne patruno perfilDafne Patruno – dafnepatruno@gmail.com

Creator of BcnCoolHunter.

Lover of fashion with a great curiosity for the sociological side of changing trends. The blog was created as a tool to discuss this fascinating world and a medium to offer my own interpretations and personal selection.


As an Italian living in Barcelona for many years, the blog contains a selection of the city’s shopping and lifestyle locations discovered through personal curiosity and the city’s many blogger events, local and international expositions and events, as well as a collection of fashion reports, my summaries of fashion’s best and a bit of everything to be considered of interest.



If you’d like to contact us, write to: info@bcncoolhunter.com

The blog is a personal project in which several lovely collaborators contribute ideas and content, here we present them…

Contributors :

The Personal Shopper: Fabiana Finetto

Section: Be Fab

Italian of origin, and founder of the Personal Shopper and Personal Image Consulting agency  BCN Shopping&Image

To contact Fabiana directly at: info@barcelonashoppingandimage.com




pepa-fernandez Pepa Fernández

I arrived in Barcelona from Sevilla in order to continue dedicating myself to the world of communication, advertising and marketing.

Passionate about fashion and it’s anthropological, sociological and historical aspects. I accompany you on the day to day happenings of the city.




nara make up
Naara Sirera

Nail Art & Make Up Artist, founder of Make Up Studio Naara.


The best makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”






Sarah Dickinson

A Californian with a passion for fashion and its trends in exploration of all that Barcelona has to offer.

Californiana en exploración de todo lo que tiene Barcelona. Apasionada de la moda y las tendencias.






Daniel Soto

Lefty and by way of Cadiz since 1980. Communication has always been my strong point and hence, is now my profession .

Every day I continue developing my most important sense, humor. With it, you can see, hear, touch, smell and taste things much better.