Color trend: Technicolors from the contemporary art

Actualizado el 15/02/2014

The strong colours, full cantons, artificial,  almost fluorescent colors are the protagonists of the s/ s season 2011.

The inspiration for the technocolor trend is the  abstract and expressionist contemporary art which turns colours into his strength.

The abstract style of the monochrome wall paintings of the german painter and photographer Günther Forg turns into monochromatic clothes with a strong visual impact.


Prada s/s 2011
Dior s/s 2011
Dior s/s 2011


The color field of Mark Rothko, the painting focused  on  the possibilities of colours expressivity which made pictures with large areas of color, all of equal intensity, sometimes working with only one color with different shades, in total absence of light or colors contrasts, is one of the greatest inspirational painting techniques of s/s 2011 color trend.

Mark Rothko


The shades and details of the work of Rothko are now the juxtaposition of two pieces of similar yet different colors and with the same intensity.

Marc Jacobs s/s 2011
Louis Vuitton s/s 2011


The fluorescent color blocking compositions of Peter Halley come to name this trend known as a color block, where pictures are made with the combinations of blocks of strong colors .

Peter Halley Six Prisons
Peter Halley, Six Prisons in color Six, 2005.

Its geometric painting, done in day-glo colors with playing contrasts, sometimes in complementary define the current  combinations of colors in fashion.

Gucci s/s 2011
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton s/s 2011
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