10 Fashion Trends for Spring / Summer 2014


fashion trends spring summer 2014-look-monocromatico
Max Mara, Ralph Lauren, ICB, Stella McCartney s/s 2014

The monochromatic look is making a strong comeback. It boomed in fashion during the 90s, yet many didn’t think that that this trend would ever be popular again as one of the most important fashion trends spring summer 2014.

This risky look is yet very effective, and allows for the possibility of wearing brighter colors or opting for more discrete nude shades. The rest is just a matter of attitude…



fashion trends spring summer 2014-arquitectonico
Balenciaga, Gianbattista Valli, Edun, Tods S/S 2014

For next season designers have opted for creating very ornate and artistic garments. With the incorporation of laborious fabrics and creation of new silhouettes with strategic construction, volumes and rigid fabrics, these garments bring fashion closer to architecture.


3) ETHNIC Trend

fashion trends spring summer 2014-etnico
Etro, Maria Hoffman, Valentino, Givenchy s/s 2014

Zigzag lines accompanied by diamond, triangle and rectangle shapes are the must-have for any wardrobe for Spring / Summer 2014.

Sandals are a plus, and accessories such as oversized necklaces in turquoise and coral tones intensify the look. Ranging from highly structured ponchos to baggy sheer fabrics with a more bohemian touch, this trend is in for next season.



fashion trends spring summer 2014 lady-contemporanea
Daks, Krizia Robustella, Sur, Akris S/S 2014

With aesthetics of 1950s fashion, this trend was spread by ultra feminine women with a critical sense of feel and use for fashion.

Today, through its reinterpretation, this idea continues to be a trend with each piece being carefully studied and completed to perfection. From straight lines to simple prints with a “pin-up” touch coming from the catwalk this trend is ready to fill the streets this Spring / Summer 2014


5) MINIMAL Trend

fashion trends spring summer 2014-minimal
Helmut Lang, Lacoste, maison Martin Margela, Sita Murt S/S 2014

As said by the German architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe: “Less is more” and very true that is. In minimalism everything forms part of everything; neutral colors in addition to simple and geometric shapes merge to form a single piece.

The result that defines this style, on the opposite end of baroque aesthetic, is the word clean.



Comme des Garçons, Cedric Charlier, Julien David, KTZ S/S 2014

XXL Fashion seduces once again designers for another season. The volume, multilayering and oversize garments amplify silhouettes giving them an unstructured and distinctive shape.

Comfortable materials, like cotton, or rigid ones play an important role in this style and draw us in season after season, continuing to do so once again.



Blumarine, Nina Ricci, Roberto Cavalli, Eie Saab S/S 2014

Similar to “naïve style,” with which it shares many tools, but is distinguished from by a more mature and sophisticated sensuality. The romantic style was one of the trends in Vogue during the 2010 season and remains an excellent choice for lovers of feminine details and seduction in their most subtle facet.

With an ethereal, delicate and radiant style of sweetness. The start of spring is the best time to show off a romantic look.


8) SAFARI Trend

Hermes, Donna Karan, Chloe, Donna Karan S/S 2014

The African continent appears once again this season with several designers betting on the trend. Greens and browns or earthy and camel tones will conquer our wardrobes again.

A look that can be accessorized with a fedora, a gold choker and bracelets, ivory necklaces, and of course not to be forgotten, Roman-inspired sandals and fringed boots.



Vera Wang, No 21, Milly, Undercover S/S 2014

It is the transparent trend’s time to shine. This sensual fashion returns to invade our closets and there is something for everyone. Fine and delicate fabrics that allow our interiors to be seen.

From eighties-esque bombers for a more casual look, to blouses with structured sleeves and transparent waist paneling, this trend can be combined with patterned garments and skirts to give a less severe appearance.


10) TRASH trend

Alexis Mabille, Mark Fast, Vivienne Westwood, Junya Wantanabe S/S 2014

Led by punk and metal musical movements, the “trash” aesthetic, also known as “destroy,” was the boom in fashion this past fall and returns for spring.

An eccentric style, not accepted by all, but demanded by many. This trend without a doubt has an apparent background and subliminal message; the social struggle and nonconformity to the system.

 Translation by Sarah E. Dickinson

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