Hairstyle Trends with Redken on the F / W 2014-15 080 Runways

For the January 2014 edition, Redken was designated as the official hairdresser of the runway, styling the models of the thirteenth edition of Barcelona 080 at the recently restored emblematic market Centro Comercial del Born, which was transformed into a runway among archaeological ruins.


A team, led by Soledad Rebollar, Redken Artist, together with Xesca Forné, the creative director of Raffel Pages, and the hairdressers from Teen & Trends by Raffel Pages used Redken styling products to shape the hairstyle trends for next season.

Among the many proposals presented by designers for Fall / Winter 2014 – 2015, Redken hair stylists previewed next season’s trends in hair. Volume and texture dominated the catwalk and will undoubtedly be the trend to prevail on the streets. Volume and more volume for high impact hair, as we continue to see waves, although a bit looser and rather than starting a few inches from the root, begin at mid-length to create a cloud effect like the look that Raffel Pages’ Rambla Catalunya salon created for me before the Custo Barcelona fashion show.


dafne-raffel-pages-peinadopeinado raffel pages redken dafne bcncoolhunter peinado raffel pages

At the Celia Vela show we also saw a preview of what the season has in store for updos. The most fashionable style will be to style hair up with a tousled effect (a look much more complicated to achieve than a messy updo). Redken’s stylists created this look for the Celia Vela show where models sported tousled updos with a quiff.


To get this casual and stylish look, the foam Full Effect 04 was applied at the roots to add volume and followed by brushing. Once finished, the sides were pulled back and the quiff lifted with the help of a comb and some teasing. To fix in place and maintain volume, some Quick Tease 15 hairspray was applied.

One of the hairstyles that caught our attention on the runways of 080, and which we’ll want to wear most on the street, we saw at the Justicia Ruano Fashion Show which contrasted its classic feminine garments with more dangerous hairstyles.


Getting this look at home can prove to be a bit tricky, although without a doubt the result is spectacular. Part your hair on the left, mid-way between your eyebrow, and style sections using a curling iron, leaving about 4 finger’s distance from the root straight. Then brush and boost your locks from below to add volume without losing waves. Flatten the top part so it lays flush with the crown of your head.

In men’s fashion we highlight the trending wet-look hairstyle seen at the ZAZO&BRULL show. A very masculine and sexy polished hairstyle that shines thanks to the use the texturizing clay OutPlay. Once set with a hairdryer, wax is applied all over and hair is parted on the side. Then hair is combed back while keeping the part intact, and finally the Stand Tough hair gel is applied to achieve a wet-look.

peinado-hombre-080-oi-2014tendencia peinado-hombre

Translation by Sarah Dickinson

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